☪ please meet and enjoy sir sirius gizmo.
☪ drives the grey suzuki gixxer of the crew.
☪ favorite novel ever is the gods themselves.
☪ eats raw cookie dough when he's stressed out.
☪ if it's a sweet: he can cake, bake and decorate it.
☪ but please don't ask him to actually cook real food...
☪ works part time at a chinese fast food joint in seoul.
☪ once dated two people at once on a total accident.
☪ with his friends he is a three time ISSF winner.
☪ had a bad accident on his bike a month after getting it.
☪ a surgery scar remains on his right thigh from it.
bedroom has a constellation star mural on the ceiling.
☪ teched out so things open up as storage or more.
☪ has a telescope, devices, a minifridge, a bookcase, etc.
☪ not scared of the dark he just really doesn't like it.